Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Just "Me"

So...hello, I'm Caitlyn Lewis or for all media purposes I'm Caity Lew! I wanted to start by telling a little about myself. But just in trying to find a picture that "defines" me better than words could, I realized I'm a very hard person to explain. I definitely have a few consistences though. If you know me at all you know that I love people. I am always willing to met new people no matter from what walk of life they come from. My closest friends always give me shit for "loving" everyone. I could go on to tell you that I'm in this club, or from here or there, but I won't. Just like when I met people, I like to get to know them slowly and more in depth. I want to leave my first blog brief... but not boxers. ;) Oh yeah and I think I'm funny... I'm not really and I'll faced that truth. :) Thanks for reading, I'm off to make cookie dough! My flag football team just won, ok...dominated so that is my excuse to eat COOKIES!

& by the way, this is the picture I chose to show to you that kinda..."describes" me. No one picture can truly decribe someone though, but I chose this because I love to smile. Wiping the simile off my face is a hard task to do.

Thanks for reading!

-Love Caity Lew

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