Thursday, September 20, 2012

Uncertain Unautrals

As I sit, drinking my coffee and finishing up some assignments this morning I got a call from my mother. (Before I go much further I must explain how similar me and my mother are) I am simply the current day 20 year old version of her.

Anyways, so she started our phone conversation with "So Aunt Joe might be short for this world." My great aunt has been living in a nursing home ever since I can remember. The fact that my mom said this though in almost a upbeat tone unsettled me.

She continued to tell me that she had been acting "odd." She had been talking to someone and talking about her son Tony more than usual. No one understood what was happening with her. Aunt Joe even clammed that whenever she was in bed someone was pushing her feet over like someone was sitting on the end of the bed. While everyone thought she was going crazy, my mom knew that Tony was visiting her. Uncle Tony had passed away when I was only a little girl but my family clams he's a very active spirit.

My mom continued to tell me what was happening with his spirit. She was telling a close friend at work about this unusual situation. Right after she ended her story, a chair four away from her pushed itself out. Her and her friend stared at the chair and than back at each other. "Did you see that?" And as soon as her friend, Lori answered yes, her necklace fell off clashing to the table.

As my mom was telling me this story, chills engulfed my entire body.
Yes...yes I believe in spirits & especially family members.

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