Friday, February 22, 2013

Oh the stories to tell...

Have you ever wondered what it might be like to live completely carefree and wild? I had the chance to see a glimpse into the wild side this weekend. A simple trip to Moab turned into quite an adventure. Me and my boyfriend invited one of our friend Garrett and he brought two of his friends and a dog. We all had excited butterflies for the beautiful voyage.

Garrett and his friends are the definitions of dirty hippies. We loaded my small PT Cruiser with the five of us and a pittbull lab and we started our 7 hour trip to southern Utah. I can't even explain the whole adventure we shared but it is one I won't soon forget.

I won't try to explain the trip step by step, but as soon as we got into the Moab area everyone started to get restless. All I knew at this point was those boys stunk, fish of some sort had been spilled in my car, and I didn't care. I was ready for an adventure. We jumped out of the car and ran up the side of the nearest hill where kids were sliding down the red sand on cardboard boxes. White trash or paradise? I wasn't sure.

 We all piled back into the PT and headed to our campsite for the night. We decided to camp on the most beautiful place I have ever seen. Rick and Garrett had camped there over the summer when they worked there. It was BLM land overlooking all of Cayonlands. It is called Needles Overlook and needless to say it was breathtaking. Pictures don't even start to show you how beautiful it really was. The rest of the night was full of laughter, sightseeing, star gazing, and wine drinking.

 The adventure continued throughout the next day of Moab gift shops and Tyler's dog humping just about anything or anyone. I was sadly it's main target though. Once our feet were tired and our day almost done, we got back in the car and headed to our new camping site. It was out in the middle of the dessert, but me and Rick never got there. My car experienced a flat tire. (PT cruisers aren't the best for off roadin') After a few tears and "why mes," me and Rick left our hippie kids and headed back to town on a spare. But surprisingly enough there are no tire shops open on Sunday in Utah. Surprise, Surprise. We needed up sleeping in some dive of a campsite next to some loud teenagers and camping families. In the end we ended up driving to Price on my spare, picking up our hippies in the dessert, and having a story to tell.

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